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The Chemical Sensing Network at Mystic Lake (using Nereus) project is moving along, as we have the Odyssey II in production, and Harry Hemond's Parson's Lab has been conducting experiments with the WHOI Mircomodems

The ONR Hovering AUV's project is now into its final stages, with anticipated demonstrations of flight control in early November 2004. Videos of the ONR HAUV in the OE Tow Tank quicktime | 11.0 MB

Design Review presentation of the ONR HAUV [ - quicktime | 2.8mg - ]

Recent Expeditions:

This summer the lab went on a major underwater archaeology expedition. In June we were working off the Kythera, Greece in collaboration with the Hellenic Center for Marine Research.

Past News:

This past fall, we began building the next generation of AUV known as a Hovering AUV in collaboration with Bluefin Robitcs, under sponsorship from the Office of Naval Research. This small and low cost vehicle will support mission profiles where hovering and high precision navigation are essential, like ship hull inspection and mine counter-measures.

Read the report on KEMONAUT: An Odyssey Class AUV Platform for the NEREUS Underwater Mass Spectrometer

On June 7th, 2002, the AUV Lab and MIT's Department of Ocean Engineering hosted the Ocean Explorations! section of MIT's Camp Tech. Two groups of children were given the opportunity to operate an ROV and create a video from the footage of their ROV missions. See the mission videos here.